What Does It Mean in GPU

What Does It Mean in GPU

As the number of GPUs grows rapidly, the question of how to use them becomes more important. GPU is a high-performance parallel computing platform that is widely used in artificial intelligence and deep learning. In this blog, we will explain some common terms and concepts related to GPU.

GPU or the graphics processing unit are processors that are designed to handle highly parallel task. GPUs have been around for quite some time and have only become indispensable in the last few years. The first use of the GPU was for rendering images and graphics.

The GPUs were designed to tap large amounts of data and process them on a parallel form. This is what makes them different from the traditional CPUs. As GPU technology advanced, it found its way into other devices such as gaming consoles, high-performance computers, handheld gaming devices, and even smartphones.

With the loads of hardware that are used today, they are slowly introducing another powerful hardware that is GPU.But what does it exactly mean in GPU and what are the different use cases that are used in GPU.

Graphics processing unit is the heart of computer’s visual system. While it plays an important role in gaming, its impact on the world is much larger than you might think. It’s not just limited to games. It’s present in a number of applications, such as machine learning and deep learning. This blog on What Does It Mean in GPU

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