What Is Another Name For a LaptopWhat Is Another Name For a Laptop

What Is Another Name For a Laptop

Laptops are a common sight in most offices, homes, and schools. Most of us know the name of a laptop, but do you know what is another name for a laptop? Read on to find out.
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There are lots of names for a laptop. A laptop is a portable computer, which can be moved around without the need for a separate monitor. A laptop is perfect for people who have to move around a lot, or who are constantly on the go.
A popular alternative name for a laptop is a notebook, which probably comes from the idea of being able

They are not needed for everyone. But for people who travel a lot or for people who have to work in different locations, a laptop is a common tool to have around. But, what is another name for a laptop? Here we will look at some of the names for a laptop and the different components that make up a laptop.

A laptop is a mobile computer and is a hand-held device. It was originally used for the purpose of word processing but lately it has become a handy tool for business people as well. During the last few years it has become widely used and is now a part of everyday life.

A laptop is a portable personal computer that one can carry with them. There are many different types of laptops. Some have touchscreens, others have virtual keyboards and the rest have the normal keyboard.
This blog will talk about the different types of laptops, their differences and its usages.

The laptop is a portable computer introduced in 1981 and was the first successful product of its kind. Laptops are used for a number of different purposes but the most common use is for business purposes and personal use. Laptops were first called notebooks. The name was formally introduced by IBM in 1987. This blog will look at the different names of laptops and the importance they play in our daily life.

For a lot of business owners, they want to keep costs as low as possible and they want to spend as little as possible. One of the ways they do this is through trying to get the cheapest laptop that they can get. While this is a good way to save money, there are more disadvantages than advantages.

You may have already heard of the laptop before and that is because it is one of the most prominent devices used around the world. It is widely used because of the number of functions it can handle.
A laptop is a portable computer that is used for various purposes.

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