What is Dome Camera

What is Dome Camera

Dome cameras are becoming increasingly popular for security and surveillance systems. This camera has an intelligent feature that distinguishes a person from a non-human. The dome camera is a semi-spherical casing mounted on the upper part of a building such as a building.

It is different from other cameras because of its coverage and unobstructed view. The camera is usually downward and has a variety of viewing fields. It also has a 360-degree rotation feature to view everywhere.

Like any other protective equipment, security cameras are one of the most important tools used to protect people, property, and other property. The best part about high quality security cameras is that they can be used to detect and record video activity in their locations. This will go a long way in determining if a security camera is needed for such specific devices.

Smart Home technology is available! And here’s to staying. The great thing about it is that the Smart Home market has just begun and there will be significant growth in the years to come.

A dome camera is a type of camera that has the same shape as a dome. This camera is used to view multiple locations compared to other counterparts. Today, you may find a wide variety of cameras that come in the form of dome. In this blog, we will see the different types of dome cameras and what the benefits of having these types of cameras are.

Dome camera is an outdoor camera mounted on the ceiling or wall to view the area. Also known as CCTV cameras on the roof or wall. They are usually closed with a dome-like body that allows them to move and scan the area. You can also find wireless dome cameras that can be installed without wires and cables.

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